Take candidate recruiting to a new standard of success.

The video interview platform that automates the vetting process for both recruiters and candidates. Eliminate scheduling bottlenecks all together and much more.

Recruiter Experience

One-way Video Interviews

Create a continuous interview flow by allowing candidates to record their answers to your questions on their own time.

Time Savings and Convenience

Eliminate scheduling and phone interviews, and review candidates at your own convenience.

Consistent Interview Process

All candidates answer the same questions and under the same conditions, which makes it easier for you to compare them.

Interview Sharing

Get feedback faster by sharing interviews with other hiring managers and getting their comments on the candidates.

Personalized Experience

Create a strong and memorable impression on candidates by adding your company’s branding to your video interviewing pages.

Powerful Integrations

Streamline the entire recruitment and hiring process by integrating with powerful applicant tracking systems (coming Spring 2020).

Candidate Experience

Flexible Process

Record your interview on your own time, as your schedule permits.

No Geographical Restrictions

Interview for any position, no matter the location and gain access to many more job opportunities.

Decreased Stress

Taking the time to relax and prepare your responses prior to recording them will help ensure you show yourself in the best light.

Faster Response Times

One-way video interviews help streamline the interview process for recruiters who can make decisions faster.


The Go-To Guide For Interviewing Your Candidates

The Go-To Guide For One-Way Interviewing

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